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Quality Assurance
Presenting Great Taste By Selecting Great Bites
Synergy doesn't end there with Sri Segar. Only carefully selected chickens are used for further-processing products such as nuggets, burgers, frankfurters and fried chicken. Boneless chicken meat is used in our nugget and blended in specific batches to achieve the correct textures, tastes and temperatures. It is then formed into nuggets and patties, coated, par-fried and spiral frozen. The finished products are then hygienically packed and stored immediately in the freezer at -18°C. Some of our products are available in beef fusions as well.

We constantly keep up with the latest technology in food processing and enhance our assurance on product safety and quality as this is our first priority to consumers. With our existing production capacity of 12,000 kg per day and the synergism of all associated companies' competencies, Ayam Wira continue to meet all the needs of our ever growing market.

Towards Greater Heights of Excellence
Ayam Wira Food Processing Sdn Bhd visions for a greater expansion of its local market share while exploring new export markets of value-added processed food products abroad as well.

Research and new product development is constantly carried out to enhance and increase our existing product range. We also update our global competencies and technologies constantly and apply them effectively to ensure the high quality of our products and justify the trust our clients have invested in us!

Our lab is well-equipped, enabling us to conduct sophisticated tests to enhance R & D and carry out quality checks.

Our automated nugget line comprises forming, pre-dusting, coating and flying processes prior to being rapid frozen.

Nuggets are coated with bread-crumbs before being fried to golden brown.

Complex blends of herbs, spices and minced meat are required in forming burgers with the right consistency and texture

Final adjustments on our high-tech frankfurter-filling machine by our skilled operator.

Finished products are vacuum packed for a better hygiene condition.
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